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Comments from Colleagues and Friends

Joey Atlas said...

"I'm eagerly looking forward to reading this...

Tracy, it was a complete pleasure to have you helping me get Fatness to Fitness written and published - and I can only imagine how much work you've put into this recent, massive project with Nike.

Congrats to you!"

Mike S. said...
"I've known Tracy for nearly ten years and I can attest not only to her strength as a writer, but to her spirit of perseverance as well.

I don't personally know anyone who has had as many trials, tribulations and downright hard knocks as Tracy, and the fact that she is able to continually move forward (and write a book in the process) is amazing as well as inspiring.

Here's wishing that her much-deserved success is coming right around the corner."

Diane said...

"Although I’ve typically associated Nike with sports and sports have never been my forte – watching or participating – the depiction of this book is compelling, and I am eager to dive in and discover more about Nike. Life is full of influences and coincidences (even though Oprah always states, ‘There are no coincidences.’) and one never knows how diverse aspects and stories will relate and connect within a life."

Dirk said...

"Funny how three little words "Just Do It" can influence a person, a team, a company, the majority of a nation...and dare I say, world. The book covers a fascinating subject matter and I am looking forward to reading this book and other product offerings from the author. "

Jackie said...

"Tracy is a very experienced writer, and a great one at that. She has wrote for many newspapers, even out of the United States, such as writing in newspapers in the United Kingdom. Tracy has even worked very hard to better our laws about animal abuse."

Jane said...

"It is amazing how a well done marketing campaign can become a part of the culture. How many sayings that are now taken as common have their roots in an advertising campaign? For that matter, how many sayings have their roots in a TV sitcom? "

John said...

"I’m very proud of Tracy and her many accomplishments. I too have known her for many years not only as a friend but also as a journalist. Tracy is truly an inspiration to us all!

Keep up the wonderful work my friend!!!!"

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