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Tracy Carbasho is an award-winning journalist who has written for newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Her new book, Nike, provides plenty of interesting photos and never-before-heard interviews with many of today’s top sports celebrities, including Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings; Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns; and Duke University Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

“Nike has influenced me a lot. I wanted to be like the guys in the Nike commercials – Bo, Deion, and Jordan. They were the guys I saw myself being as an athlete and I wanted to be like them when I grew up.” --- Adrian Peterson.

“For Nike to partner with me and create a shoe that sets an example not only in the industry, but also in a lifestyle for people to be more considerate of the Earth’s resources is a step in the right direction.” --- Steve Nash talking about Nike’s use of environmentally friendly materials.

“Nike has always been about enhancing the performance of the people playing that sport. Hopefully, they’ll never lose that since that has always been the core of what they do for sports.” --- Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Carbasho’s book provides a compelling view inside the company that has forever changed the world of sports. A vivid chronology depicts the company’s modest beginnings, the creation of its early technology, the birth of unforgettable advertising campaigns, multimillion-dollar endorsements of sports celebrities, ongoing research and development, controversy about child labor allegations, and noteworthy recognition for supporting social and environmental causes.

“This book is a must read not just for sports fans and history buffs, but also for business leaders, as well as advertising executives, who most certainly can learn lessons from Nike’s success.” --- Kelley Murray Skoloda, author of Too Busy To Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women

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